Preventative AC Maintenance Services

AC Heroes installation practices go well above-and-beyond code requirements and factory recommendations, because we have the experience required to fully understand how to get the most out of your new AC system. Your new AC unit is built the same exact way whether you live in muggy Northeast Florida, upstate New York, or in the Arizona desert. That’s why a custom-designed air conditioning installation makes such a big difference in how long your new AC unit will last, how energy efficient it will operate, and how comfortable your home will be.

Check All voltages during normal system operation

Monitor temperature differential air temperature

Monitor refrigerant pressures, superheat / Subcool

Inspect evaporator coil condition

Coat evaporator coil with no rinse solution

Replace customer or company provided filter

Inspect and monitor thermostat calibration and functions

Inspect all wiring and connections

Test Contactor low and high voltage readings

Test capacitor MFD rating is within manufacture specs

Test all motor amperages

Test All condensate safety switches

Inspect fan blade for deficiencies

Ensure condensate drain or pump is free from buildup to prevent blockages

Inspect and test High voltage disconnects

Evacuate and flush condensate drain

Evaluate Indoor air quality

Ensure all bracing, strapping, screw connections, & tie downs are secure

Address any concerns by customer or found by technician

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